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your never going to know what that person is about tell you meet them. Alot of them have pictures that are not current, have anger management issues, are still married, and/or they turn cold when they meet you. One told me that I was the only one for her, and that she was seeing no one else, and like that. When I was at her house she left her e-mail open. Suffice it to say that was far from www AdultFriendFinder cm Rating ***** Date February 25, 2010 permalink Visit I wish I had read the reviews before I signed up. I, too, had been duped into believing in the fancy scientific method used by to match people, and foolish enough to think that if you paid more you’d get better quality matches. How totally wrong I was! In less than 2 weeks I canceled my 6-month paid subscription, www AdultFriendFinder cm but that has more to do with them as individuals, and not with the site. Regarding the site, I was a member in 2006. After many months, I think that I went out on dates with 3 different girls. In 2 cases, I did not want another date. In one case, a friendship developed but there were no romantic sparks. I keep in touch with her, and recently she told me that I was her best date, but she www AdultFriendFinder cm a very depressed man who is a hypochondriac. I also had a stalker who was relentless and fancied himself quite the detective and shared with me personal information that he had illegally retrieved and thought he was cute and clever. Can’t recommend this site. As far as e-harmony..again the honest, loyal, committed guy who wants marriage is a sex addict. I think you get the picture. Reviewed www AdultFriendFinder cm

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Maybe she can appreciate the geeky side of men, the type that has to go movies on opening day or ones that still collect Star Wars toys after thirty years. Yet so many of them expect too damned much — a lot of it superficial! You could be the greatest guy in the world, but if you’re not (for example) white, have a Ph.D, or earn X amount of dollars annually, you can’t and won’t be considered. Ault Friend Finder for the past few months, I thought I’d give it a try. Well, my Chemistry subscription is due to expire in about a week, and let’s just say that I will NOT be extending my stay! For the life of me, I cannot figure out how they’re coming up with the “matches” they’re sending. I have a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for, and tried to set my preferences accordingly, since I thought the Ault Friend Finder YOUR permission. As with any market, there is competition. As more and more desirable jewish women take on an entitlement mentality and demand a certain height or attitude or wealth from a date, more and more decent, attractive, and shy jewish men will say why bother with the jewish scene when there are plenty of Asian and Catholic women who would be very happy to meet a jewish guy. So what Ault Friend Finder of time you need)or go away. I hate men who do that. You call that love? We ladies call it being an arse. 6)If the girl is taking meds for boosting her metabolism (which is VERY common) and she becomes mean or anything else that is bad, then oviously shes on a med that isn’t good for her. Instead of being an arse, tell her to check the sideffects or there will be heartbreak. 7)If you want Ault Friend Finder

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off as themselves! It sends off red flags that it’s probably some crime ring overseas or worse. Although it wasn’t really related, NBC’s “Dateline” did a story of some poor guy who fell in love with a woman, whom he was hoping to marry, via email correspondence. She needed him to send money all the time to help her with a business she was running overseas. She sent him hot pictures of herself Adut Friend Finder they were not at liberty to say exactly what for reasons of confidentiality! I became suspicious and took a look at the guy’s profile. It was still there, and he was still going online regularly! They had obviously done nothing. I replied to their email anyway, sent them the screen shots and all other evidence and reiterated my intention to take action against Chemistry by exposing them. Adut Friend Finder about me they are looking for. And since I can’t directly relate to the person because of this (for example, the picture of her in London in her profile and proceed to talk about our different experiences there), there’s no way to possibly establish a connection. I mean, think about it. Most dating profiles all contain the same things: “I’m laid back, mature, humorous, and I like to have Adut Friend Finder about the ‘online now’ indicator, and I can clear that up for you. I noticed it was saying I was online when I wasn’t. As a computer programmer, I am in the habit of testing stuff to see what happens. So I ran some tests on I concluded that you appear online up to one hour after you sign off. Therefore, if you sign on periodically during the day to check email, it will appear Adut Friend Finder

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and using it for a hook up game or lying about their age. My whole experience with the whole internet “dating” thing has been a nightmare to say the least. Definitely do background searches on these people. Most are not who they claim to be and only out to use you and scam you. Match has also allowed married people onto the site as well. I saw one of my married neighbors on there. Match Aldut Friend Finder email but you have no way of knowing whether they are a member and will get your email or not. The free weekends may accumulate a lot of these types of profiles which is why I deleted mine because I don’t think it’s fair to people who are members. Reviewed By D. San Diego, CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 04, 2010 permalink Visit Friends recommended and I decided Aldut Friend Finder But like I said, I had no problem meeting people. One trick is to look through the “most active” listings – most of these people will be online and you can IM them. Another trick is to just leave yourself logged in if eating or watching a football game or something – other Jdaters will see you are online and contact YOU. I corresponded with about half a dozen girls this way, and met my current Aldut Friend Finder club on any other day, the number between genders is equal. When something is free, some people will just try it out for the heck of it. Women are very weak, when it come to the temptation of getting something for nothing. All will need to do, is advertise this promotion. With there really isn’t a free ride for anyone. The free profile is nothing more than a showcase, Aldut Friend Finder


to show how much she cared for him. The only problem was the woman was really one of those (Nigerian?) con men that scam people ALL THE TIME. An astute viewer pointed out that the pictures were of a professional model who showed off a lot more than her face. A lot of dating websites have that problem! A key problem with the service is that are just too many men-seeking-women using it. AdutFriendFinder I obviously removed my profile after this experience, have put a stop on any credit card payments, and am filing a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau. I have not doubt that the guy online was an impersonator preying on unsuspecting wealthy women and paying a subscription to Chemistry. This is the reason why they don’t want to investigate, nor take action against him. AdutFriendFinder fun by dining out, watching movies, going to sporting events. I looking for someone similar-minded, drama-free, who can make me laugh and be my best friend.” So what do most people base their decision off of then? The person’s looks. Needless to say, this is not the best way to find your soul mate. A couple things J-date can do to rectify this situation. 1. Don’t allow people to create a AdutFriendFinder as if you are on all day! I contacted match about this, and they agreed that it is set up this way but say they can’t do anything about it. I know better. Here is how to get around this. Do not sign on to match just to check email or winks. Do that through your email account. You don’t even have to sign on to look at profiles. If you click on a profile and it tells you to sign on, just click AdutFriendFinder

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needs to screen their members before allowing them to have a profile. Reviewed By Joni M Texas Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 07, 2008 permalink Visit I’m sure there are some great success stories out there, as well as some from those not so fortunate as I was. I was contacted immediately by someone whose profile was glorious with handsome photos. Widow with one son at Alt Friend Finder to give it a try this past weekend which was also a free weekend. Although I can afford the membership fee, I wanted to check out the site first before making a three-month commitment. I signed up Friday and decided to leave on Saturday evening after a bizarre incident with one of the members. My opinion: it’s really a mixed bag with the same amount of normal and weird people as in real Alt Friend Finder girlfriend this way. Reviewed By Eileen Rock Pikesville, MD Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 02, 2009 permalink Visit JDate I went on 3 dates thru JDate. The third one was the prize!! We are in love and have been together for 2 months, and talk about our future together! Thanks to JDate I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life!! Reviewed By Linda Wisconsin Sex Female Rating ***** Alt Friend Finder for their service. Since they have eliminated their I.M. system and block email addresses, there aren’t too many ways to get in contact with anyone. Even, if the lady puts the words “I don’t have a subscription” in her profile, men either ignore it or can’t find the right way to send their email address. is constantly improving their email address blocking system. What worked last Alt Friend Finder

should put a cap on it so there is an equilibrium on the gender, or better yet, have MORE women so it increases your chances. The male-to-female ratio is detrimental to the success of actually hooking up! By preventing extra males from signing up (e.g., the competition!), it would probably make it a little easier for the rest of us. I never got to meet with anyone after several months of That he is not the person he claims he is is certain to judge from his picture vs. the picture on the website of the actual person. Prospective Chemistry customers beware! Reviewed By lucy montana Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 16, 2010 permalink Visit What a sham is! I have been a member two weeks. At first they sent me a few matches here and there. Maybe 3 profile and upload pictures for free. In order to use J-Date, you should actually have to USE it (i.e. chatting, e-mails, etc.). 2. Allow paying subscribers to see who is a paying subscriber and who’s not (and for how long you haven’t been paying). If I know that you aren’t a subscriber and you haven’t been one for six months, I know you’re not serious about this and I won’t waste my time on ‘search’ and type in that person’s ID and it will take you directly to the profile. Plus you can look at people without them knowing you are looking at them. So really you never have to sign on – not to check email or look at people. I have a friend online now, and I have been working with her to avoid the scummy pigs. One day she signed on after not having been on in a couple of weeks

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home, world traveler in the gold biz. Five weeks of online chat was leading to our meeting after his trip overseas. Upon his departing even sent roses so that I would ‘think about him while he was away.’ And of course during that trip he lost luggage and ultimately asked that I send a laptop to south africa so he could complete business and get home. There were many signals along the way Alt Friend Frinder life, the only difference being that online weird can be creepy. I’m not sure I would blame the site for this entirely, but I would definitely blame them for their “matching principles.” I am a very educated woman and explicitly asked to be matched with men who have a bachelor’s degree or higher. I ended up with lots of people without any formal education! For the rest I liked their four-play Alt Friend Frinder Date December 23, 2008 permalink Visit JDate I have been on and off jdate since it began. I am now 56 and the quality of men in my age group is horrible. This is an exhausting process and for the young people who are on please be careful. You do not fall in love with a picture or a voice and long distance does not work. I had a man stalking me on line and with texting…we had never met. Alt Friend Frinder week may not work this week. Most women aren’t going to take out the time, to find the ways that manipulate’s system. As far as free deals for women go, the only free deals you may see is, buy 1 month get 1 free. Is this really free? “No”. I have not seen any free deals for ladies on any personals website, in years. I want to touch on the, “men not reading the profile” subject. Alt Friend Frinder

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trying. I never even got to correspondence stage! Getting constantly ignored after all the time I spent trying to break the ice was infuriating. I had some winks (from the con men or other trash) which I ignored. I had, I think, maybe a total of 80 views of my profile. None initiated an email. Aren’t they serious to meet someone? It’s surprising to see how many guys here have been snubbed. Adutl Friend Finder at a time, sometimes two then none. All were located over 100 miles from my home. matched us on one or two common likes then failed miserably after that. You have to play the chemistry games, love it or leave it, answer questions, all sorts of juvenile things to waste time and justify their fee. It was a total waste of money. They don’t have enough men in my area to even make Adutl Friend Finder with writing an e-mail for you. However, if I could actually see that there’s a possibility that you’ll read my e-mail, then I’d love to write one. 3. Like a couple of other sites, allow non-paying subscribers to read e-mails. Then, if they’re so inclined, they can register and respond. Or better yet maybe, do a pay-per-use. For example, if they want to respond to an e-mail but don’t want Adutl Friend Finder and got an email from a guy who said something like “Hey I noticed you are online now, and it’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve been on.” It’s creepy that someone would keep up with that. STALKER Like I said, you can meet good quality people on there but you have to read through the b.s. I met a great guy who is an introvert like me. I would have never approached him online because he Adutl Friend Finder


that things did not add up – bad grammar, no phone calls and repetitious emails with long romantic messages, an error in communicating with too many women and not keeping track. His photos can be found on several scammer websites under 3 different names. These scammers are professionals, pick up photos from modeling sites, etc. and know all the right words to say. Buyer beware. The more AsdultFriendFinder and short-question and answer icebreakers and spent a fun Saturday morning playing around with it. I even “met” some interesting men I could see myself dating had I stayed. However, an incident later rattled my nerves and ruined the whole experience for me. I’m not sure if I should laugh or not but here it is for your reading pleasure: a guy identifying himself as a cop, initiated contact. AsdultFriendFinder Don’t be fooled. Unfortunately I am widowed, but was happily married for 20 years. Take your time and get to know someone. Don’t hook-up with strangers. Be safe…Linda Reviewed By Nice Jewish Boy NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 21, 2008 permalink Visit JDate It is, what it is. As in life, there are no guarantees. There are liars, nasty people, shy people, and plenty of unappealing AsdultFriendFinder As you know, men outnumber the women on this type of personals site. A paying male member will become frustrated with the service, due to a lack of responses. A lot of men will just write a email, save the file to their hard drive, then just cut and paste it to any pretty face they see. In hopes that they get lucky. From a customer service standpoint, should probably come up with AsdultFriendFinder