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Or rejected because the person misread a greeting. Or don’t trust your profile. Or if you fall short of their high horse expectations, even if you are a great person and make a respectable living. The email updates you receive showing your latest matches never respond when you write them. You are given the false impression that based on your profile a) these people are aware of you, b) like AdutlFriendFinder three local matches, and should never have taken my subscription. I think they take advantage of lonely people looking for someone in their life. Don’t waste your money!!!! Reviewed By Dave North Carolina Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 12, 2010 permalink Visit is simply a watered down version of, and is a complete waste of time. Yes, they may get away AdutlFriendFinder to be a full-fledged subscriber, they can pay a certain amount to send an e-mail back. I know it’s only been a week, but this is already worrying me that I’m paying for a month to get results I could have attained by not becoming a subscriber. Reviewed By Dustin Sacramento Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 29, 2009 permalink Visit JDate I tried out Jdate for less than a month when I realized AdutlFriendFinder wasn’t my ‘type’ based upon his photo, but he turned out to be perfect and looks much better in real life unlike others I have met on there. He was honest and real, and that was a big turn on. He is hotter than the guys with the hot pictures on there. I give a 3 because they hooked me up and I only had to pay for a month. However, I think they should listen to customers more. As AdutlFriendFinder

Asult Friend Finder

reliable are locals within your specified radius, short chats and meeting sooner than later, or moving on. Match should perform due diligence in background checks. Reviewed By Martin R. Virginia Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 06, 2008 permalink Visit One person, Seagal2610 was among my headaches. I’m always paraphrasing movies/TV/pop culture (think of the dialogue used on Asult Friend Finder We exchanged a couple of back and forth questions and answers in which he sounded as cryptic and non-committal as in his profile, then he announced I should wait on him on yahoo to chat. At some point he appeared and, after dispensing with the initial pleasantries, began to interrogate me in the most creepy way imaginable about being real or fake!! Of course, I had mentioned that I was a Asult Friend Finder people on JDate. As always, it’s buyer beware. This is not Yenta from Fiddler on the Roof, there are no background checks, and you’re not meeting friends of friends. I suppose that if you’re young and hot and outgoing and looking to just hook up with someone as you would in a bar, JDate probably delivers what you’d expect. No more, no less. Remember, caviat emptor. If you want more than Asult Friend Finder a email filtering system. A ladies night type of promotion for, “kills 2 birds with one stone”. Not only will it bring in a new breed of customers but it could raise their success rate. Fun Fact. The male to female ratio in Las Vegas for 27yo is…. 2.13 to 1, The male to female ratio in Sacramento for 27yo is…. 1.17 to 1! Reviewed By disgruntled Cleveland, OH Sex Male Rating Asult Friend Finder

Adylt Friend Finder

what they see, and c) would find you a potential mate. Going 0/40 is worse than any batting slump. Then again, I’ve pretty much had the same luck with job sites. I constantly get emails of great job openings in my area related to my skills and résumé. When I apply to these jobs, I get no responses despite my qualifications. Are the “positions” filled that quickly or do they not exist? (I’m Adylt Friend Finder with it technically being a scam, but it pretty much is. I joined to find someone different, rather than the same group of women I encountered on match, and guess what? It was basically the same group of women from match who I was trying to avoid in the first place, LOL, the very first one was a girl who mooned me on a first date from! The site is also a pain in the rear. They Adylt Friend Finder something was up. Out of 37 matches, there were two sets of profiles with identical information entered, one of which had a picture of the same woman. I’m fully convinced that these profiles were planted and that this service is a scam. I pulled my profile roughly ten minutes ago. Good riddance. Reviewed By Dina San Francisco Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 23, 2009 permalink Visit Adylt Friend Finder long as people give them money, they will continue to thrive. Reviewed By Shayna citybythesea Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 28, 2005 permalink Visit Where do I begin? Should I start with one man who accused me of ‘hiding behind HIS screen name” since I don’t post a photo online and instead prefer to mail it directly to someone? The tone of his letter was nasty and accusatory. Adylt Friend Finder


“Gilmore Girls” and you know what I mean) to express myself. However, she didn’t “get” anything I said and misinterpreted my humor as being condescending towards her. She wrote something back to the effect of “get lost.” For some reason, she took great offense to one sentence and literally ignored the rest of my letter, which I talked about her profile and compared it to my own, with a nutshell AsultFriendFinder new member checking out the site. His suspicions: I mentioned I had a White German Shepherd dog that I got from a rescue here, and he kept insisting that he is not familiar with the breed, insinuating it doesn’t exist (!), demanding a picture of it (yes, demanding is the word!), and doubting that the shelter I got it from is in the US, maintaining it’s in Mexico!! lol Nothing could be further AsultFriendFinder that, don’t spend $40 a month on JDate. Meet someone through friends. Or hire a PI to investigate anyone you’re dating more than 3 months. For the older, more serious jewish single, JDate has indeed become a trying experience. Yes, men lie & cheat & ruin it for the rest of us guys who really are trying to meet someone. The men are often married, or commitment phobic, or simply, just plain AsultFriendFinder ***** Date July 24, 2005 permalink Visit i’ve been on and off of match for the past four years… have sent countless emails, gone on about 25 dates, with 5 going to second dates and beyond (one relationship lasted a year and a half). i’m pissy about match’s new policy (similar to other sites) of not letting non-subscribers see the whole set of photos. i paid my subscription fee, AsultFriendFinder

Afult Friend Finder

referring to both the job and the women!) Reviewed By Mick Minneapolis Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 11, 2008 permalink Visit I lasted eight weeks, Martin R. of Virginia wrote it best: I agree with nearly all of the detractors. I went in with nothing and came out with nothing after several months. Match took my money and didn’t do anything. By far the BIGGEST problem is Afult Friend Finder add things to try and make it different than match, but they just end up being annoyances. Getting to the point of meeting someone can be challenging enough with some ladies, and this site simply adds unnecessary hurdles to actually meet someone and see if there is chemistry and a connection in person. Reviewed By Marisa Dallas Area Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 05, 2010 permalink Visit Afult Friend Finder JDate Actually, I give JDate 0 stars. It simply sucks. When I search for men age 39-50 within an 80 mile radius of where I live, only 15 profiles of people who are active members pop up. Can anyone seriously say that within 80 miles of SAN FRANCISCO there are only 15 men in their 40s who are active on JDate??? I have not received even one email since I joined JDate, even though I am using Afult Friend Finder Do people view these sites as opportunities to lash out at people who they’re not attracted to OR do these sites offer the chance to be nasty anonymously? I’m trying to remain positive of course but I think basic manners and niceties go flying out the window . What on earth is wrong with someone responding politely if you get a photo that doesn’t send your loins leaping in anticipation? Afult Friend Finder

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AudAlt Friend Finder

description of who I am to go along with it. With that off my chest, I agree with nearly all of the detractors. I went in with nothing and came out with nothing after several months. Match took my money and didn’t do anything. By far the BIGGEST problem is that either none of the women are actually on there or are so stuck up and picky they contradictory to their profile. They are not as AudAlt Friend Finder from the truth, but to be honest, I freaked out and said a polite good-night and good luck which he rudely overlooked and simply left! I don’t know if the guy is insane or has had bad experiences with fake or inactive profiles which obviously says something about Chemistry, but he managed to spoil my fun, and I won’t be returning to Chemistry as a result. Too many unknowns and you never AudAlt Friend Finder old. However, most women would have to concede that men have always been men, and a good percentage have always been lying, cheating dogs for centuries. And many always will be, due to the testosterone base that flows in their veins, and the the basic brutishness that evolved in our DNA. It’s the women, however, that have really changed in the recent past. They are tougher, more demanding, AudAlt Friend Finder i expect people will be able to see them; i wouldn’t have subscribed otherwise. and changing on me midstream is not cool – i’m asking for my money back. my bottom line – the site is not bad, the best out there, but this new marketing ploy has me ticked off enough to head back to the produce section of the supermarket (at least for a few months). Reviewed By ClaireTC NY, USA Sex Female Rating AudAlt Friend Finder


that either none of the women are actually on there or are so stuck up and picky they contradictory to their profile. They are not as open as forthcoming and compassionate as they say they are. I got so fed up at having to write (not just wink) personalized hellos and making specific references to their profiles and them not even having the courtesy to write or wink back. Unfortunately that AfultFriendFinder I had tried Chemistry twice on their “free weekends”. The first time I met this wonderful man and we dated for several months. Then a few months after that there was another free weekend and again I met a man. This time he was not what I expected. So after 2 somewhat successful free weekends I signed up for 3 months. At first I received a few matches. But they never responded. AfultFriendFinder the exact same profile and photos I used successfully on Match the month before. What a scam. Reviewed By Levin NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 13, 2009 permalink Visit JDate I am really surprised about all the bitching here. It is what it is, a way to meet people. What happens after that depends on any number of things that have little to do with Jdate. I loved the site. I corrosponded AfultFriendFinder What ever happened to just writing…I wish you the best of luck. That could be the “code’ for thanks but I don’t think so. Since when is it considered good manners to just not respond at all? I have other imponderable questions but I’ll save those for the book I intend to write! Reviewed By Mike in Seattle Seattle area Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 26, 2005 permalink Visit Thank AfultFriendFinder

Aldult Freind Finder

describes Minneapolis in general if you are not from here (which I am not). Reviewed By H. Aranda SF Bay Area Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 10, 2008 permalink Visit 0/5 Well, my subscription ends today and I’m thrilled that it does because I’m no longer obligated to trying to use a defunct service that I was bored with one month into the six month term. I rarely use this Aldult Freind Finder Than for over a week I did not get ANY matches. I contacted Chemistry and their response was that my critera was to narrow. So I expanded my miles from 25 to 50 and the next day I FINALLY got 3 matches. All 3 were over 150 miles away. I am in the Dallas area and they are telling me there are no men here!! After I complained again they cancelled my subscription but would NOT REFUND ME. I Aldult Freind Finder with a couple dozen girls, met up with maybe a half dozen, had sex with 3 of them, and finally met my current girlfriend, who is serious marriage material. All in the course of 6 months. And I am no elliot gould to be frank. I’m an average looking guy who could stand to lose 20 pounds. Maybe if you live in a small town this ain’t for you, but for an NYC single Jew I say go for it. There Aldult Freind Finder you “Matchcom” for the respectful rebuttal! and all other online dating sites have relied upon, the service selling it’s self. An approach that has just recently become burnt-out. In November 2004,’s membership reached 15 million. Since then, the membership has seen a very slight decline. Analyst have said “the huge expansion for online dating is over”. Online dating Aldult Freind Finder

Aduly Friend Finder

right away. It was all very interesting. Reviewed By John Illinois Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 18, 2008 permalink Visit The reason these sites don’t crack down on scammers is that these “hot or handsome” photo’s and dishonest profiles bring in alot of subscribers to the site. It is an easy program that these dating sites could use to verify the IP address and what part Aduly Friend Finder impersonating an actual person is illegal last time I checked. They emailed me asking me to refile the complaint on their site, something I had already done in the first place. Of course I was prepared to send them the evidence, including screen shots and other stuff for comparison in order to back up my claims, but their system did not allow attachments! Unfortunately I could not reply Aduly Friend Finder and creating a profile allows you to look at more people. And I think a lot of people are fairly detailed when the create their profiles because as a non-subscriber, you are allowed to “Hot List” someone, which he or she can see. And you can see if anybody’s hot-listed you. If two people hot list each other, then they’d probably subscribe to start communicating with each other. Because I Aduly Friend Finder do have a word of advice: WRITE YOUR PROFILE IN WORD AND RUN SPELLCHECK BEFORE POSTING IT ON MATCH!! There’s nothing more disappointing than reading about a guy who is “sinsere”, “atractive” and “inteligent”. I know that some smart people are bad spellers but if you can’t take the time to double-check before posting then you can’t really expect to be taken seriously. Reviewed By just me Aduly Friend Finder

Aldult Friend Finder

word to describe something but felt it was very appropriate for this situation. is a ‘dud’ like a black cat fire cracker that when the wick is lit it fails to ignite when it reaches the explosives. And just like there is no bang for the buck, only disappointment. With there are simply not enough positive results to warrant a current client or potential client Aldult Friend Finder do not recommend them….unless it is a free weekend. RIP OFF!! Reviewed By CindyB Colorado Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 04, 2010 permalink Visit I too just tried the free weekend and deleted my profile on Sunday evening. This site is quite a scam and the free weekend was useless. First I agree with other users who said that they were not actually matched on any real criteria Aldult Friend Finder are TONS of girls on this site. I was looking in the 23-35 age range, and there were what seemed like frankly an endless supply ladies on there. I see alot of complaining about the site here, but frankly alot of this seems to come from men and women in their 50s, where the pickings are always going to be slim. If you are in your 20s or 30s I would highly reccommend this dating site. I know Aldult Friend Finder is a service. Unfortunately, this service only leaves <5% of it's customers satisfied. A lot of people believe, this is out of's control. However, I disagree. "Why?" Because, has made no attempts to attract new and different thinking customers. With their flying-in-the-blind, get all the money you can marketing approach, they attract the same type of people, with the Aldult Friend Finder

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