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of the world it’s comming from, and block users from these addresses. But it will never happen because these scammers are the dating sites best sales force and bring in 40-50% of their revenue. How’s that for conflict of intrest. Reviewed By Dream On USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 13, 2008 permalink Visit Phooey on the people that use photos off of porn sites to pass AdulyFriendFinder to their email and send them everything because they do not check replies as they stated! I refiled the complaint anyway and threatened to expose them on the internet and let the actual person that was being impersonated know about it! Two days later I received another email from customer service thanking me for my concern and claiming they had taken action against the impersonator, only AdulyFriendFinder am a paying subscriber, I can send as many e-mails, IMs and check my Inbox as often as I want. However, I have almost no way of knowing who’s a subscriber and who’s not (other than the few “spotlighted” members). So when I send these e-mails, there’s no guarantee that they’re ever going to seem them. All they have to go off of is a generic profile which may or may not have the information AdulyFriendFinder TN Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 29, 2005 permalink Visit First let me say that I have been dating a guy for over a year that I met on match. I had a profile with no picture, but when I put a photo out there I had to turn off my profile within a week due to the responses! It was overwhelming to say the least. Anyway, it has worked for me. There seems to be some confusion here AdulyFriendFinder


into believing in a slanted system. Reviewed By J Georgia Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 10, 2008 permalink Visit My experience on Match has been absolutely horrible. It’s pretty sad that people have to lie to try and make themselves look better. The profiles are just a bunch of BS and most of the pictures are old. Most of the men who have emailed me are abusing the site AldultFriendFinder that was important to them. As far as I could tell the matching ignored my preferences on just about everything. You can’t search for anyone and the site only gives you a few matches a day to look at. So you can’t make your own choices. Then there were people that sent me email but I only got a notification, I never saw the actual emails. So you may try to contact someone, and write a nice AldultFriendFinder several people who met their husbands or wives on Jdate, and with my current situation I could see myself joining those ranks. Complaints – the search system is awful. There’s really no filter, so you are basically searching by “Most active, closest, or newest.” What if I’m looking for girls who “frequently drink?” And there’s the aforementioned “you don’t know if they are members” complaint. AldultFriendFinder same psychology, over and over. Online dating needs to come up with a gimmick, to attract new and different customers. Targeting women, is their best option. One of the night clubs I go to, has ladies night on Thursday. There is no cover charge for women, on ladies night. You’ll find that on ladies night, the women outnumber the men and the night club is very crowded. If you go to the night AldultFriendFinder


I have been on 4 dates and have realized that men do not post current pictures…only pictures when they were in their prime which is usually 10 years ago and when you meet they look alot older then their pictures. I have also noticed that most are recently divorced or first time online dating so they are having fun getting lots of attention and are not serious. I am a very attractive successful AdultFriwndFinder I was surprised it was so bad , being owned by I expected much better. eHarmony is better, I think. Reviewed By mike Charlotte Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 10, 2010 permalink Visit If the experience was disappointing, why would you give it three stars? LOL. No, the icebreaker option is NOT good. ANY option you can use on ANY dating site which is free, and does AdultFriwndFinder written communication starts, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out if someone other than the Profiler actually wrote their own profile. Once the verbal communication begins, it takes only a few minutes to know if you want to physically meet. I had four dates in one week! I have recommended Jdate to everybody…even non-Jews! Reviewed By Luna New York Sex Female Rating ***** Date March AdultFriwndFinder in love. He stops them and asks, “You two seem to have a good relationship, what’s your secret?” The man responds, “Well, I am shallow and superficial”. The woman replies, “I am shallow and superficial too.” Someone contributing to this forum suggested that when you are rejected on a dating site to merely brush it off. Rejection is one thing. Rudeness, manipulation and cruelty is quite another. AdultFriwndFinder

Adultr Friend Finder

quite as discouraged yet as some of the other reviewers whose postings I’ve read here, but I’m getting there, and already doubt that I’ll actually end up finding anyone through a site such as this (or any on-line dating site). Still, I do know that there are legitimate people on the site, of both genders, within 50 miles of me who are serious; what I don’t know is how many profiles are current, Adultr Friend Finder the site and never removed their profile. I didn’t understand this at first, but my suspicions were raised after declaring interest in a few people but then never getting rejected or reciprocated. I then realized that it was only worth expressing interest to those that have the 24 hour activity alert found on their profile (those who have logged in within’ 24 hours). However, those seem Adultr Friend Finder Visit JDate Sorry, I have to make an edit because of how absolutely horrible of an experience I’m having. I guess this really isn’t a complaint about JDate, but more like the people who are on JDate. And because it’s happening on JDate, their review is getting lowered. I’m IMing some people, just to try to get a conversation started, and right now, I’m 1 for 7. So you can see that I’m not Adultr Friend Finder don’t work for Reviewed By Jeremy ma Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 04, 2005 permalink Visit SLIME BALLS. Non paying members can’t write e-mail. They sensor your PRIVATE e-mail! They strip your e-mail address from letters. If you pay for a membership, non-members should be able to recieve your e-mail address and write back. Reviewed By clever1 Atlanta Sex Male Rating Adultr Friend Finder


40 year old woman and have had 5,000 views so far but maybe 10 actual emails back and forth. Then there are the winkers…My belief is that 90% of the profiles are not active members so basically all they can do is wink. That is a scam right there…they might as well be fake profiles as you cannot communicate with them. Then they also automatically rebill you so make sure you cancel after AdultFrlendFinder not require a membership. is bad news. Why? One, you can’t determine a paying member from a non-paying one. Two, a segue to one, you can’t actually communicate with a non-paying one, so as a customer who actually paid for a monthly subscription, you are getting screwed. That mess out of the way, this site is a watered down version of It’s like they took all the undesireable women AdultFrlendFinder 22, 2009 permalink Visit JDate i have a story about jdate. my grandmother suggested i go on it because my uncle found his soulmate on that site. And she pushed me until i joined. and my parents approved. so i join and within a day a lot of people have contacted me and IMed me. i barely even chat with them and already they either want to go out, call me constantly, etc. i read some profiles AdultFrlendFinder Never placate these type of people. When bad behavior goes unpunished, the result is more and more bad behavior. And while a agree with Kay about not disclosing too much right away I couldn’t disagree with her more about a man’s frugality. A man who is foolish enough to be taken for $30.00 a month is sincere alright, sincerely desperate. If you are that serious about real estate, there is AdultFrlendFinder


and how many emails are truly from the people represented by the profiles. I guess the only way to find out is to give it a try–nothing ventured, nothing gained (except, of course, for the accountants at Reviewed By Dave Pittsburgh Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 19, 2008 permalink Visit I wish I could give negative stars. I tried Match over three years AdultriendFinder to be rather rare, as in out of 10 matches approximately 0 to 1 will be active. Now, outside of that, I can’t really say anything truly negative about the site. Those whom I have actually corresponded with are real people that I do feel like I’d probably get along with in real life, and the one I have met I’ve actually clicked with. But do I recommend this site? Not really. It kind of has AdultriendFinder a creepo, and that I’m a fairly normal guy, you can look me up –> RhoustonB509. So, I don’t think women aren’t responding to me because of that. I think a lot of people have preconceived notions of what their dream guy or girl looks like. I mean, C’MON! No one’s going to be perfect to a T, especially on a dating site! And I’m OK if there’s something about me you don’t like. But GEEZ, check AdultriendFinder ***** Date August 01, 2005 permalink Visit If there was a zero star choice for Match I would select it. Unethical business behavior was never so blatantly practiced. I received I wink from a gal and I winked back. Since I was not a paid member I could not write a detailed note to her. There were no clues to her private e-mail address in her profile but she wrote me back a few days AdultriendFinder


subscribing or use a different method of payment. The genious behind getting you to resubscribe is they send you an email stating that someone has emailed you and to find out who it is you have to resubscribe…if your anything like me your curiosity gets the best of you so you spend $50 to get an email from someone your not even interested in. Also, I have never seen so many unattractive AdultFroendFinder from match and stuck them on their site. Seriously, not one attractive woman and the selection is much less than match. Reviewed By Anne Ohio Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 09, 2010 permalink Visit Chemistry provides some great icebreaker options…or you can go straight to email. Unfortunately, I rarely had any matches, and of course, you cannot search on their site. Overall, AdultFroendFinder and some people can be just nasty I dont want to even get into it. so yeah one person stalked me and wouldn’t leave me alone and I got turned off by him because of his arrogance, then he harasses me and claims I play games. And then there is someone else that wanted to see me naked and I blocked him. I have reported these men and they did nothing about it. and then there was someone I thought AdultFroendFinder some land in Fresno I’d like to get rid of. Nobody ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of the American buying public. Would you say a man is serious about finding a quality mate if he shells out $30.00 for dinner and then expects sex? There is simply no correlation between a man (or woman) who chooses not to be a fool parted from their dough-ray-me and that person’s lovability or AdultFroendFinder

Adults Friend Finder

ago after moving to Pittsburgh and dropped it after several months of “no answers” to virtually all of my attempts to initiate contact. If you are an average-looking guy like me who wants to be consistently ignored, try one of the free sites like ( At least it won’t tax your wallet. However, I am writing this review three years later to communicate the Adults Friend Finder a vibe that it’s an abandoned site and not maintained much. In fact I’d be surprised if it’s even around in a year. Reviewed By Kris PA Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 28, 2010 permalink Visit Three months ago I purchased a 3 month membership to and while I wasn’t expecting much I received nothing. I’ll start with day one. I subscribed to their service and created Adults Friend Finder out my profile before you deny my IM invitation! Out of the 6 who didn’t respond, 5 of them didn’t even look at my profile at all. If someone (a woman on JDate perhaps) could explain why this is happening, I would appreciate it. Reviewed By Ross Buffalo Grove, IL Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 02, 2009 permalink Visit JDate So, I’ve succumbed to online dating. In this hectic and busy Adults Friend Finder later. She indicated in her mail message to me that her subscription was running out in a day and that I should write to her at….. And that is where Match decided to censor the rest of her message to me. So now the only way to communicate with her is to fork over the $$$ for a month’s subscription. She paid her hard earned pay to have all the privileges a member in good standing should Adults Friend Finder


people in one place. It is extremely hard to even find an attractive person on there. 95% of the men that contact me are 10 years over my age range or just plain unattractive. My next venture will be speed dating where I can actually see the people first…not that looks are everything but for godsakes there has to be some kind of physical attraction. Don’t waste your money on this flakey AdultFrriend I found the experience disappointing. Reviewed By dave north carolina Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 09, 2010 permalink Visit To the person below me, DON’T join a dating site that does not show individual profile site activity/last logged in times. It’s quite obvious that when they do that they are creating fake profiles, or sending you profiles that have not been active in AdultFrriend I could connect with but there was a major arguement that just turned ugly and I tried to work things out but he wanted nothing to do with me. I just felt like I cant find anyone descent in my area, which is just under an hour north of nyc. I guess if you live in that area you have better luck. So I had to cancel the account because I just felt like people cannot be trusted. So yeah…that AdultFrriend sincerity. Truth be told, if your husband spent money that foolishly you would probably find it grounds for divorce. Let me illustrate an example of how these snake oil vendors work. E-Harmony boasts that it has 6 million members and 6,000 marriages over the past seven years. They don’t keep stats on divorces but let’s assume all 6,000 are still married. So what? I live in a city of about AdultFrriend


results of a little experiment. Now, keep in mind that I left Match three years ago, but after reading about all of the “fake” or “inactive” profiles on Match, I wondered whether my profile was still there after three years of inactivity. I found my old ID and password, logged onto Match, and guess what I found….my three-year-old profile still out there! After three years of inactivity, AdultsFriendsFinder my profile in the morning, and when I went to log-in that afternoon I was told that I didn’t have an account. A quick review of my online banking records indicated that they did in fact receive payment so I placed a call to the customer service department. It took 2 1/2 hours [most of which I spent on hold] to fix the error that occurred on their end when I subscribed. As I AdultsFriendsFinder world that we live in, and the fact that I live in Buffalo Grove (which isn’t exactly a social hub), I think that online dating is pretty useful, and I’ve come to terms that this doesn’t make me “desperate” for a girlfriend. Some people meet their future wife in high school or college, waiting in line for coffee at Starbucks, at a Pilates course. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with AdultsFriendsFinder have. Match rewards its paying clientele by forcing them to communicate only through the Match website. Because Match has little or no regard for fair business practices I see no reason not to cleverly include an obvious hint to one’s own private e-mail address. Here’s a good way: Under the last book read section write something like “Screen Name” by M.S. Nmail. Do you have other creative AdultsFriendsFinder