of rare success stories by the 3 precenters. Reviewed By JJ Boston Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 26, 2007 permalink Visit Match.com To Anne in Illinois: The last time I checked, match does not allow people to make contact if/while their profiles are in hidden mode. I tried once (forgetting my profile was not visible) and was prompted to make my profile visible before my message would aAdultFriendFinder previous review by Chris. If you haven’t read it please read it now. It is so true and so funny/witty. The keyword is expectations. I can only speak for men, so my analysis would probably be inaccurate for ladies. What happens to a lot of men is that they see this huge selection of very desirable women on the web and their appetite is stimulated. Not only this often leads to the misconception aAdultFriendFinder has supposedly “called in to check on things.” In the meantime, I have performed several online searches for reviews of the GE service, and what I have found has been disheartening to say the least. They currently have 22 complaints on file with the St. Louis Better Business Bureau and a “C” rating. They also have numerous compalints with the MO State Attorney General’s office. Digging deeper aAdultFriendFinder a cat person, and you get the picture. And something about the pictures: if you see only a single picture posted, you may be in for a big surprize, this guy managed to scrounge up a single good picture of himself, and he does not look the same in person. Only glancing thru the matches, there is not a lot of guys I find attractive. As far as online safety goes, Jdate does not care about your aAdultFriendFinder