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idea what’s behind that face. So, I think on-line dating just needs a different set of rules. Since you get to know about the “inside” online, you need to proceed directly to the “outside” asap, because that is really important too….you’ll be looking at it for a very long time, if it works out. As an airline employee, I was able and ready to fly to meet people, which I did many times and Aduly Freind Finder had even copied parts of his website to discuss his “work”! Additionally, after I had cooled off the contact and had not logged on for a couple of weeks because I was out of town on business, I discovered that the guy had changed his age on his profile by 5 years! The picture of his “home” looked suspiciously like coming from a real estate ad! I immediately reported him to Chemistry because Aduly Freind Finder And with so many people on J-Date, on of them might actually like me, I imagine. Or… b) My messages aren’t even getting through to these people. As I said before, like many other dating sites, J-Date doesn’t make you pay in order to make a profile. I believe that the reason a lot of people make profiles on there is because J-Date restricts visitors to only viewing a couple of profiles, Aduly Freind Finder up once, and had some interesting e-mails conversations with people I’ve come to believe never had any intention of coming out from behind their computer screens. I plan on continuing at least through the end of the year because I do think you can meet someone on Match, it’s just a matter of putting the effort in and not getting discouraged if success doesn’t happen right off the bat. I Aduly Freind Finder