That was an issue I had; plenty of women would match my preferences, yet I matched little or none of theirs. A lot of profiles were sloppy and lazily put together. Without them making certain specifications clear it made it appear you would match their criteria — when in fact, you don’t! “It’s okay to look.” is one of Match’s advertising slogans. They take actual members, make them look AultFriendFinder whole point was finding someone I’d be truly compatible with. But for the most part I think they’re just sending me anyone who is even roughly in my age range, with little regard for my other specifications. For instance, I work in the arts, and many of my interests are art/culture-related, yet almost NONE of the guys they’ve sent have indicated this as an interest. I live in New York City–you’re AultFriendFinder about Jewish Matchmakers? I’ve tried most of them & they are all disappointing to varying degrees. They are usually run by women, show little balance or committment to customer service. Many act as though they are you doing YOU a favor no matter how much you pay them. If anyone out there would like to team up and work on a new format & a new vision for jewish matchmaking, I’m certainly ready. AultFriendFinder her back, then i suggest you take her back without taking time to think about it. WE LADIES ARE TOO IMPATIENT AND FRAGILE TO WAIT FOR YOUR SORRY BUMS. 8)Hide your darn profile if your not available or are too busy to date me. I’m sick of winking at men who wink back and do nothing else because they are busy. 9)Use the “not interested” feature if you don’t like me. Why get my hopes up? I AultFriendFinder