want someone honest. Just by saying that they are asking to be lied to. What guy is going to read that, and not contact her because he thinks of himself as dishonest. And the cliches are enough to make you want to step in front of a bus. If I ever hear “I am not into drama” again, I’m gonna pour gasoline on myself and lite a match. Also, when you see someone you like, your not already supposed www.AdultFrenFinder.com for allowing me to post this review. Reviewed By James Pennsylvania Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 08, 2010 permalink Visit Chemistry.com After trying eharmony and match with bad results i figured i would try one more time and chemistry seemed to be a “decent” site. Boy was i wrong!!! I have to agree with the last review about chemistry being the most deceptive. No one ever responds www.AdultFrenFinder.com I have no idea what percentage are paying members, but my guess is that the number is low. Emailing members is actually limited, even for paying members. I sent an email to 30 members and got a message saying that I had reached my limit for the day. An interesting issue is that none of the women I emailed has checked my profile. Chances are that they’re not paying members, thus they can’t www.AdultFrenFinder.com that’s been offered here, but Olga from Belarus can’t stop writing to say that she wants to “meeting the kindly male very muchly”. Reviewed By Jay Ohio Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 15, 2005 permalink Visit Match.com Right on Michael. Especially about the geriatric sugar daddies who think “the body says 57, the hair is white, and chicks from 18-25 dig me.” I see enough of that diseased www.AdultFrenFinder.com