to introduce yourself to a woman, but with practice, anyone should be able to do it. If you get rejected, suck it up and move on. So my opinion is that the last three months on match was a big waiste of time and money. I did make one platonic friend and she is great. Everyone else sucked. And don’t get suckered into those free dating sites either like POF. The quality of the people on the www.AdultFriendrFinder.org not even a match they gave me on top of it. They did this 6 times to me in the month i subscribed for. What a heartbreaker, you are happy someone showed interest in you, you log on and just like magic, they aren’t even there, they must of just vanished!!! Responding to the last statement as well, its not fair to say that guys online must be losers, the same can be said for most of the women www.AdultFriendrFinder.org it. My guess is that they want women to still see my profile and to believe that I’m a member, even after I’m gone, which brings me to the next issue. When people remove their Profile and other people try to see that profile they get a message saying: “This member may now be a JDate success story… and you can too!” It’s not really false advertising since they say “MAY be a success story” www.AdultFriendrFinder.org my head is too big for my body?” Ya know what Pedro, maybe it is, stop shopping out of your league and forget it. Put down the mouse and get out of the house. Reviewed By Michael Atlanta, GA Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 15, 2005 permalink Visit Match.com While I’m a fan of Match, I understand what it is: another medium to meet people, and there are pros and cons to every dating medium. www.AdultFriendrFinder.org